Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

Message from the Superintendent

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services has a long history of ensuring high-quality supports and innovative solutions for families in our community. Throughout the last 50 years, services for people with disabilities have continuously evolved to better meet the needs of families, and the last five years have been no different. Given the complex and changing nature of services for people with DD in Ohio, our strategic planning will take a three-year outlook, rather than the five-year outlook we’ve used in the past. This change will allow us to more effectively plan, better envision future scenarios, and maintain our ability to respond to systemic changes.

In preparing this strategic plan, we spent the last year reaching out to as many stakeholders as possible – from focus groups and informal conversations to surveys and social media. Using this information, we identified trends, service needs, and areas for improvement. We also analyzed larger trends in the national, state, and local DD services systems that will affect the future of supports for people with DD in Ohio. Using all of this information, we developed this strategic plan to guide our work for the next three years.

We identified five focus areas that allow us to respond to the needs of our stakeholders and position Hamilton County DD Services for the future. We are committed to engaging families, developing and growing community partnerships, being the go-to resource for stakeholders, providing innovative solutions, and ensuring service quality and fiscal responsibility. You can use this plan to explore the action steps we’ll take as we pursue each of our strategic focus areas. This is only one part of our planning efforts. You can see our annual plan here to learn more about the actions we’ll take next year in pursuit of our strategic focus areas. You can also see our annual report here to learn what we did last year and how that work informs our future.

This strategic plan sets us on the right path as we continue to improve our ability to support people with developmental disabilities in Hamilton County. We’re proud of the work that went into this plan, and we thank all of our stakeholders for contributing their time and effort to inform this work.

Alice C. Pavey