Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Strategic Plan


Families are concerned about how and who will care for their loved one when the family is no longer able to or around.

HCDDS Service and Support Administrator

Empowerment of People with DD, Families, and Staff

People with developmental disabilities, their families, and their HCDDS and provider staff will be empowered to reimagine, strengthen, and modernize supports for a good life. People with DD and their families will have increased access to technology and advocacy opportunities to foster independence. HCDDS and provider staff will have the support, skills, technology and training that promote engagement, confidence, and competence.

Customized networks of support for people with DD and their families to build community connections and plan for both the short- and long-term

Tools for recruitment, retention, and streamlined processes; investments in new models; reimagined roles to empower providers

Investments in tools, technology, and training so HCDDS staff have what they need to provide exceptional support

New strategies to promote employee recruitment, retention, engagement and job satisfaction