Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Strategic Plan


The biggest gap I see is the "overlap" of services, specifically for people who have a mental health diagnosis and a developmental diagnosis.

Education Professional

Community Engagement and Equitable Access

Identify opportunities and address common barriers so all people with DD have better access to transportation, housing, medical care, mental health, and inclusive neighborhoods. HCDDS will engage diverse community allies to partner on key initiatives for equitable access and good quality of life for people with DD and other Hamilton County citizens. Direct HCDDS funding to support these community initiatives.

Increased funding and partnerships to improve accessible transportation

Funding and partnership for accessible, affordable housing

Initiatives to improve outcomes for multi-system youth and people with mental health diagnoses

Partnerships and outreach to improve access and equity in medical care

Promotion of diverse, inclusive, accessible neighborhoods so people can develop connections

Support for schools as they serve students with developmental disabilities

Outreach to underserved groups