Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services

Strategic Plan


I wish EI went beyond age 3! I have so many questions and will miss our specialist who helps us navigate all the confusing systems.


Long-Term Sustainability of High-quality Support

HCDDS will be thought-leaders and policy drivers to promote sustainable, high-quality support. This includes streamlining internal HCDDS processes, investing in skilled staff, and assuring fiscal health and responsibility. We will collaborate with regional and state partners on systemic solutions to DSP workforce concerns, leverage partnerships to reduce overlap and inefficiencies, and pilot bold, innovative approaches to address existing problems in a new way.

Internal streamlining work to incorporate lessons learned throughout the pandemic

Effective communication across offices

Strategies for regional and statewide solutions to systemic issues

Improve partnerships with organizations who engage people with DD to avoid duplication of services and improve outcomes

Efficiencies to promote financial health and fiscal responsibility